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From Best Friends


To a Married Couple

The best committed relationship is the one that starts as a friendship and develops into more. 
Shawn and Summer were both regular customers at Starbucks in Los Alamitos, but they were total strangers to each other. 
When Shawn started his new job in Los Alamitos back in 2015, he frequented Starbucks there where Summer sat everyday to study and work. 
Shawn and Summer ran into each other almost daily but never exchanged a word until September 2016 when Shawn caught Summer staring at him as he waited in line to place his order.
Realizing she was caught, Summer smiled at Shawn. He smiled right back.  And she immediately resumed working on her laptop. Shawn then passed by her, said hi, and left back to work. That was their very first encounter.  
The following few days, Shawn would quietly pass by, say hi, grab his drink and food, and sit at his table to eat his lunch. One day, Shawn asked if he could sit at Summer's table; and she said of course he could. That was the moment an amazing friendship started. Shawn and Summer had their drinks and food together whenever they were at Starbucks at the same time. They shared stories, laughed at silly stuff, discussed all kinds of issues, talked about work and school, and gossiped about customers too. And of course, they shared their drinks and food too. They enjoyed sharing warmed up blueberry scones and watching the rain through the window
little less than three years later, Shawn and Summer's friendship that was expected to last a lifetime unexpectedly developed into more. The two became a couple. Their love, the strong connection they had, and the respect they had for each other were all tested and survived.
After almost three years of being friends and two and a half years of being a couple, they are ready to formalize their relationship and commitment to each other before God and their family and friends. 


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